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Delighted to find this lovely review of Dead Air from the AV Club’s latest Podmass feature, which covers podcasts (obvi):

Likened to The Girl On The Train and Gone Girl, Serial Box’s first mystery series, Dead Air, combines “the intrigue of the true-crime podcast explosion and [those] edge-of-your-seat thrillers.” Written by Gwenda Bond, Carrie Ryan, and Rachel Caine, Dead Airis actually a serial novel available to read or listen to weekly, while the podcast is protagonist Mackenzie Walker’s college radio show, which she has taken to using as a tool to solve a decades-old murder. But the clock is ticking as Walker discovers that the closer she gets to uncovering the truth, the more threats on her own life she receives. Offering a “uniquely immersive experience,” the authors implore listeners to question whether “the truth lies in the serial, the podcast… or somewhere in-between.” Only two episodes in and this supplemental podcast is highly captivating, pulling listeners even further into Walker’s world and elevating the overall story. [Becca James]

Also! I neglected to post a pointer to this very nice Book Riot piece by Annika Barranti Klein that included a preview of Dead Air among other bookish podcasts.

Have you checked it out yet? *bats eyelashes pointedly* Dive in! Serial or podcast! Either/or both!

And p.s. Cult Faves is still goin’ strong!

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Here, There, News!

Happy Friday, dearies! This is a quick update with some pointers to other things and a piece of NEWS. First up, Christopher and I have been on the internet writing the back-and-forth essays about the Supernormal Sleuthing Service: The Lost Legacy:

Buy links in case you still haven’t picked it up: Amazon * B&N * Indiebound

(It’s back in stock at Amazon and the ebook is now on Kindle for those of you who were waiting!)

And last but not least WHEEEE EEEEP I just discovered that Lois Lane: Double Down is a finalist for the Locus Awards in the YA category! This is my first awards shortlisting for this kind of thing and I am extremely honored and thanks so much to everyone who voted! It’s a great list filled with friends and heroes. Now to figure out whether I can swing the awards ceremony (not because I have any hope of winning, natch, but because finalist and awards party!).

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Third Book and First Book!

Yes, it’s true, I have two books out this week. Hold me! I’ve been very good/bad!

I’m so excited about both of these (obviously!), for different reasons. So if you’ll indulge me.

Lois Lane: Triple Threat is probably the last book in the Lois Lane series (I say probably, because no more are currently planned but hey, you never know), and I’m very proud of the way all three books form a nice trilogy-shaped unit. I hope they take readers on a journey of happiness and hope with some nail-biting along the way, and say things about friendship and family and ambition and love and, of course, how to be a hero (and how to help other people be heroes too). Getting to write Lois and Clark and Perry and my gang and some great classic villains has been the gig of a lifetime, one I’m so very grateful for. And I hope you, faithful dear readers of this series, know that it would have only been one book without you. So a huge thanks to all the Lois Lane fans out there, and to my publisher/editors at Capstone/SwitchPress and Warner Bros/DC Comics for all their support.

If you haven’t read these (or know people who haven’t tell them to!), well, collect the whole set. The first two are in paperback and in Kindle Unlimited, if that’s something you do, and now you can read them all with no waiting! And please consider leaving reviews at Amazon, Goodreads or B&N, especially for Double Down and Triple Threat. I also created a spoiler thread for questions or discussion, so feel free to drop by there too.

If you’d like signed, personalized copies and aren’t sure you’ll catch me somewhere else this year, call up Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Lexington. They’ll hook you up for a nominal shipping fee. The number is (859) 273-2911.

Get it: Amazon * B&N * Indiebound

And now for something different, but still fun! Today is also the debut for Supernormal Sleuthing Service #1: The Lost Legacy by me and Christopher Rowe, with charming and perfect illustrations by Glenn Thomas. I’m a little giddy about this one and it’s difficult to put into words how and why. This is, of course, the first time Christopher (my husband, for anyone who doesn’t know) and I are writing together. We had a blast creating this world — the hotel where monsters stay when they come to New York City — and all the characters who populate it. Think of it a bit like a Pixar movie — there are jokes for kids and for adults and we just hope it will be a delight for everyone. And we hope the next one will too!

Everyone tells me middle grade is a slow build and so I’m asking your help in recommending this one to your pals with kids or buying it for your own. We’ve already had such excited reactions from some of the early readers at the bookstore’s ARC program and booksellers whose taste we trust to the maximum extent allowable by law who are constitutionally incapable of faking enthusiasm (I’m looking at you, Amanda!). Joseph-Beth’s support for this book so far deserves a special mention, and it’s only a little because Christopher is a bookseller there. (No, really. WE LOVE YOU GUYS.)

A little more about the book!

Three kids. A hotel full of monsters. And a stolen magical artifact that could disrupt the balance between the humans and the supernatural. Welcome to life at Hotel Monster! The first book in the hilarious and spooky series that is Hotel Transylvania meets Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library.

Stephen’s dad decided to move them across the country to New York City, where his dad is taking over as head chef in an exclusive hotel. A hotel that has the most elite of clientele: monsters! Surprise! Or as they prefer to be called, supernormals. And an even bigger surprise? Stephen is part supernormal himself. When a magical artifact goes missing and Stephen is framed, he must work with two new friends to navigate this whole new world to clear his name. Consequences can be dire in the world of monsters. Spooky, funny, and full of monstrous hijinks, The Lost Legacy by Gwenda Bond and Christopher Rowe is an inventive and accessible mystery-adventure full of friendship, humor, and a monstrous cast of characters—perfect for fans of Pseudonymous Bosch and R. L. Stine’s Goosebumps series.

 Need more convincing?
Booklist: “Spouses Bond and Rowe make their middle-grade debut in this series starter. The light mystery will charm readers with its secret magical society, unusual characters, caring father-son relationship, and enchanted hotel setting. Monstrous fun!”
SLJ: “First in a new series, this is a fun, character-driven supernatural mystery. The authors artfully meld the supernatural with the modern. Black-and-white, cartoon-style line drawings by Thomas establish just the right mood for the quirky setting and characterization. The story is fast-paced and full of action, with eccentric characters and a rewarding resolution.”

Many thanks to our wonderful editor Martha Mihalick at Greenwillow and her team! Also, we created a twitter account for the Elevator at the New Harmonia Hotel, which is a good place to follow or let your kids follow for news about the series or just your periodic dose of Elevator complaints.

Get it: Amazon * B&N * Indiebound

And we’ll be at Joseph-Beth in Lexington at 7 p.m. tonight, May 2, signing and discussing both these books. Christopher will do voices! You can also order signed Supernormal from Jo-B, by the by. Back tomorrow with a Contest Announcement for Teachers and Librarians!

A side note for authors: This is actually, I just realized, my first book with one of the “big five” — I’ve been very lucky to work with great independent/smaller publishers who I adore, and so if you’re an author who thinks you can’t build a career that way, well, you can.

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Fallout Paperback Pub Day + ebook Sale!

Hi there, my precious dahlinks, it’s Lois Lane: Fallout paperback pub day! And, in addition, Capstone/Switch Press has put the ebook on sale for the very first time for a sweet $1.99 at all e-tailers for the next two weeks. The very best thing you can do to ensure a book three is spread the word and recommend to all fine (and loathsome) people of your acquaintance that they jump on board the Lois Lane Fallout train this spring (and of course preorder Double Down, out in May).


Buy links:




And here’s the shiny new paperback cover, which I love:


A special incentive, we’re going to kick off a group read or reread of Fallout around the 15th of March to take us into April and up to release in May. So get to your bookstore or click the clickety. Go Team Lois!

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New Book Deal!

I’ve already shouted about this everywhere else and I’m on deadline so this will be brief, but I know some people actually check here for news instead of The Services so here you go…



We’re beyond thrilled to be working with Martha Mihalick at Harper’s Greenwillow; we couldn’t have dreamed of a better home for these books.

So, yes, awhile to wait, but we hope you (and your kids!) are going to love this world and these characters as much as we do. Yay!

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Torchy + DC One-Day Contest!

Is there any worse feeling than your computer making a noise you’ve never heard before and then, after you shut it down, refusing to boot up again? YES, there is — when you’re on deadline. Thankfully for me, I was running a teensy bit ahead of schedule (for once). Enough to lose a day to purchasing a new computer. I didn’t lose any work, but I did lose my trusty Hildy, the MacBook Pro that saw me through six novels.

However! I was able to speedily get a zippy, space age new best girl, Torchy (so named for Torchy Blane, inspiration for Lois), a MacBook Air. And dear writer friend Whitney Miller (get her books!) helped me with the decision and swiftness and ease of purchase, which I greatly appreciate. All hail. And then I got everything all set up and put the finishing touches on the last edits for Lois Lane: Double Down and turned it in. So I’d say Torchy and I are off to a great start, well on our way to being the best of friends. Oh, and all my contest winners have been notified and books will go out this week to anyone owed them.

Planning for World Fantasy proceeds apace, and I hope to see some of you there. I’ll have a reading Friday afternoon, plus a couple of panels, looks like, and the mass signing. But I’ll be holed up magic book revising some too.

Also! DC Comics is running a one-day contest to give away FIVE copies of Lois Lane: Fallout! What better way to celebrate Supergirl show day? Yay!

Full details on how to enter can be found over at DC’s blog (in short: share your motto, use the hashtag, follow @MyDCDeals so they can notify you if you win by midnight tonight PT). Easy peasy.

Bonus link: Fashion inspired by books from several authors who will be at YALLfest in a couple of weeks, including Fallout.

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Newsletter + Some News

I’m away at a retreat this week and also on deadline (ack!), so this will be short and sweet.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the panel at the LA Times Festival of Books — and to moderator extraordinaire Aaron Hartzler, and lovely fellow panelists Danielle Paige and Sara Benincasa. We had such fun! And it was very exciting how quickly copies of Fallout sold out, but also how many of you bought or brought Girl on a Wire. Also, this was just a tremendously well-run festival and it was a real honor for me to be a part of it. I got to catch up with lots of friends (Kelly Link and I went to dinner at the Magic Castle, a long-time dream of mine) and I met some wonderful people — including the very fancy Margie Stohl, author of this fall’s forthcoming Black Widow YA novel. A fun picture of me, Margie and Danielle:

Go Natasha Romanov! Go Lois Lane! Go Dorothy Gale! @gwendabond @daniellempaige #bookfest

A photo posted by Margaret Stohl (@margaret_stohl) on

I just did a newsletter with all the things in it, including a reminder that Girl on a Wire will be in a bunch of Wal-Marts starting next week (keep an eye out!) and of course many many Lois Lane things. Eep!

Those include the launch party (May 8 at Joseph-Beth) and some June tour news. I’ll be on the road with these fabulous, DANGEROUS LADIES, all of who are at this week’s retreat:


Some recent reviews and a new interview about the book:

And next week is the official release (though I’ll still be on deadline — ack!), so keep sending your reactions and photos of the book and et cetera et cetera. There will be more interviews and other things happening. Please consider purchasing early (and often — I kid, mostly ;-), and consider posting an Amazon and/or Goodreads review and sharing if you enjoy the book. Thanks again to everyone for your excitement! I hope you love the book.

*breathes into bag*

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Book News!

I'm so thrilled to be able to tell you guys that there will be more Cirque American–I got this news right at the end of the year, which made this both the best way to end 2014 and begin 2015. The Publishers Marketplace announcement:

GIRL ON A WIRE author Gwenda Bond's next Cirque American novel, in which a teen would-be magician auditions for the Cirque against the wishes of her famous magician father, and finds that perhaps there is more to her talent than she ever expected, again to Courtney Miller at Skyscape, for publication in Summer 2016, by Jennifer Laughran at Andrea Brown Literary Agency.

Just as Girl on a Wire allowed me to geek out about all things circus (my favorite) and wire-walking, this will allow me to continue to do that and also geek out about magic. Which is one of my favorite, favorite things. As much as I love it, though, it's undeniably a field where women get pushed off to the side, all too often The Lovely Assistant sharing in little of the actual spotlight. Well, the heroine of this book is no one's lovely assistant, and I can't wait to introduce you guys to her and some new characters. And, yes, although there will be a new central character, and a new mystery, the cast from Girl on a Wire will be there too–there will be more of Jules and Remy, Dita, and of course the Cirque itself. The working title of the book is Abracadabra Girl, but that may well change.

Also! Girl on a Wire is a Kindle Daily Deal today and you can snag it for $1.99!

One other little newsy item–the rights to Blackwood and The Woken Gods officially reverted to me at the end of the year (thank you for that, Angry Robot). So you can't presently get e-book editions of them anymore, though I'm sure used print copies are available and my local indie bookstores still have a stockpile on hand. Blackwood will probably return at some point this year. But I'm likely going to hang on to The Woken Gods until I can maybe tweak it a bit and write you a sequel; it may be a long while before I have time, but that's what I hope to do.

And that's it. I hope y'all are excited to return to the Cirque!

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When people ask me what my favorite part of the publishing process is, it is very easy to answer:

It's working with all the talented, amazing, smart, funny, generally wonderful people that it takes to make a book a, well, book. From agent to editors to the publicity and marketing teams and art directors, et cetera, seeing how much they rock their jobs is a joy. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Book people are the best people.

And I've been so tremendously lucky this year to work with some of the greatest of the best people. In fact, I just came back from mailing them all presents.

(The opposite of all this is true too, by the way; a big part of being a happy writer is feeling that your work is in the right hands. And I think that's true whether you're an indie and that's your own and your hand-selected team or a traditionally-published author and working with a publisher.)

Which is to say, the importance of the care the right hands take can't be underestimated. An example is the reason for this post. I LOVED the great cover Switch Press designed for LOIS LANE: FALLOUT — so much it's my phone case and I constantly show it to people (glance over to the right for a refresher). But great was not great enough for them, so they kept working on it and voila…


The cover deities have smiled on me once again. Trivia: I do believe that the newsprint is now a little snippet from the book itself, from a scene inside the videogame, which is a nice touch. Also: I've had a glimpse of the entire jacket and it's spiffy.

That's all for now, but I'm putting together my last newsletter of the year to send later this week so sign up if you want it. (Tidbits will include: Girl on a Wire made the First Lady of Kentucky's Top 10 Winter Reading List. *beam*)

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Pre-Holidaze Update

Um, oops, sorry to disappear, though I can't pretend it's going to get better soon. Deadline swarm happening. But I have hatched definite plans to really and truly finally overhaul my website for early spring (in time for Lois launch madness!) and I'm sure the result will be so awesome that I'll update constantly (or at least more consistently).

And there are things afoot. SECRET THINGS of which I can say no more at present.

But there are also non-secret things, of course, though I can barely remember what I've posted here and what I haven't, but here are a few things just in case:

  • I did an interview about Girl on a Wire and e-books and things with the Kids Ebook Bestsellers site;
  • There have been some recent Girl reviews that made me glow too: from Mieneke at A Fantastical Librarian ("I loved Girl on a Wire and with her third novel Gwenda Bond has firmly landed on my must-read author list. If you enjoy fast-paced, fun YA with a dash of mystery and romance then do pick up Girl on a Wire, as it offers this in spades."); from Lisa at Lisa Loves Literature ("I loved this story."); and from the Book Feed ("This story is truly a modern day Romeo and Juliet retelling at its finest. … The way Gwenda told the story not only kept me interested, but completely hooked me, so that I couldn't put the book down."). Thanks to EVERYONE who's read the book and reviewed it and recommended it to others. It means the world.
  • And, as always, if you so desire, you can get signed copies of my books for the holidays (or whenever!) from Joseph-Beth Booksellers and Morris Book Shop in Lexington, Ky. And if you've been delaying getting copies of my first two books, especially in print, you might want to get on that this month. (Which is all I can say about that for now.)

And I will end with these lovely tweets that made my last week from Tim Hanley, who wrote Wonder Woman Unbound: The Curious History of the World's Most Famous Heroine:

*beams* *crosses fingers* *and toes*

Seriously, I still can't believe I get to write Lois Lane and anytime a Lois fan enjoys the book, it makes me the happiest girl in the world. Pre-order links here!

More soon…ish. In the meantime, happy holidays, everyone. I hope you get to spend them festiving or lazing, whichever is your preference. (I will be spending mine writing, as usual.)

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