Nice Press for Dead Air (Filed under: #Podcast hijinks)

Delighted to find this lovely review of Dead Air from the AV Club’s latest Podmass feature, which covers podcasts (obvi):

Likened to The Girl On The Train and Gone Girl, Serial Box’s first mystery series, Dead Air, combines “the intrigue of the true-crime podcast explosion and [those] edge-of-your-seat thrillers.” Written by Gwenda Bond, Carrie Ryan, and Rachel Caine, Dead Airis actually a serial novel available to read or listen to weekly, while the podcast is protagonist Mackenzie Walker’s college radio show, which she has taken to using as a tool to solve a decades-old murder. But the clock is ticking as Walker discovers that the closer she gets to uncovering the truth, the more threats on her own life she receives. Offering a “uniquely immersive experience,” the authors implore listeners to question whether “the truth lies in the serial, the podcast… or somewhere in-between.” Only two episodes in and this supplemental podcast is highly captivating, pulling listeners even further into Walker’s world and elevating the overall story. [Becca James]

Also! I neglected to post a pointer to this very nice Book Riot piece by Annika Barranti Klein that included a preview of Dead Air among other bookish podcasts.

Have you checked it out yet? *bats eyelashes pointedly* Dive in! Serial or podcast! Either/or both!

And p.s. Cult Faves is still goin’ strong!

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