Excuses, Excuses


Okay, big deadlines vanquished, I'm back–no, really, to more regular posting here, I swear. Hopefully, a couple of times a week. So, if there's something you'd like me to post about, then feel free to say so and I will do my best. And even though it's old news now, just wanted to say what …

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Heres & Theres

Looks like the site is back up! Knock wood it stays that way–I feel terrible for the typepad staff and hope they have vanquished the evil DDoS villains once and for all. ANYWAY, just dropping by for a quick note to say that I'll be at the Southern Kentucky Book Fest this Saturday, and if …

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Gone Revising

This is just a quick note to say that posts here will be scarce for the next month. With edit letter in hand and mind, I'll be busy revising Secret Project, employing some of my favorite techniques…  …and occasionally muttering "We all go a little mad sometimes." The best. I'll drop by here if there's …

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Frenetic Typing

Also known as that thing that happens around a deadline, and so I probably will be MIA this week. We had zippo wireless coverage for a chunk of Bat Cave, and were busy much of the time anyway. I'll try to catch up soon, and if you need something important or more timely, then you …

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