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Heres & Theres, Hithers & Thithers

It’s been one week since Not Your Average Hot Guy hit shelves — thanks to everyone who has bought or checked out or posted or shared about it so far! If you enjoy, please leave reviews and also badger everyone you know until they buy it (kidding, I kid! or do I?).

I’ll See you in hell — release day!

This time feels big to me. Sure, it’s partly because I’m moving into a new genre. But it’s also impossible not to think about the joy I’ve gotten reading and watching rom-coms, and look at the shiny paperback of Not Your Average Hot Guy and just say to it, “Go out into the world little book (and sequel) and make other people happy.” It feels like part of a karmic chain of giving back some of the fun, funny, joyous magic of so many of the books I love. And I hope that’s how it feels to you. 

Not Your Average Tour!

Hi, hi! I’m doing a bunch of events in October/November for Not Your Average Hot Guy — many with friends who have new books coming out too or soon! We worked hard to make sure all of these will be distinct and fun on their own, so while you will have plenty of chances to …

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A few misc. things!

Some book recs! These are all authors I recently interviewed too: Chuck Wendig’s The Book of Accidents – Great spooky season read or any season read. Here’s the interview. Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s Velvet Was the Night – A period noir that is simply gorgeous. Here’s the interview. Kami Garcia’s Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity – This hardboiled take …

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More Newsies

So after Creators 4 Comics finished, my beloved ride-or-dies Kami Garcia and Sam Humphries and I decided we should come up with a way to keep scheming and working together. We finally got to announce it last week! Get ready for THE YOUNGBLOODS, an Audible original series coming next year! Also! You can enter to …

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Me in PW about hot guy!

Hello! I recently gabbed a little with Publishers Weekly for an interview previewing Not Your Average Hot Guy (they also recently reviewed it, pronouncing it “fun, light, and funny” yay!). The interview is out now online and in this week’s print issue (which I’d love to see a snap of, if anyone gets it). Preordering …

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