Torchy + DC One-Day Contest!

Is there any worse feeling than your computer making a noise you’ve never heard before and then, after you shut it down, refusing to boot up again? YES, there is — when you’re on deadline. Thankfully for me, I was running a teensy bit ahead of schedule (for once). Enough to lose a day to purchasing a new computer. I didn’t lose any work, but I did lose my trusty Hildy, the MacBook Pro that saw me through six novels.

However! I was able to speedily get a zippy, space age new best girl, Torchy (so named for Torchy Blane, inspiration for Lois), a MacBook Air. And dear writer friend Whitney Miller (get her books!) helped me with the decision and swiftness and ease of purchase, which I greatly appreciate. All hail. And then I got everything all set up and put the finishing touches on the last edits for Lois Lane: Double Down and turned it in. So I’d say Torchy and I are off to a great start, well on our way to being the best of friends. Oh, and all my contest winners have been notified and books will go out this week to anyone owed them.

Planning for World Fantasy proceeds apace, and I hope to see some of you there. I’ll have a reading Friday afternoon, plus a couple of panels, looks like, and the mass signing. But I’ll be holed up magic book revising some too.

Also! DC Comics is running a one-day contest to give away FIVE copies of Lois Lane: Fallout! What better way to celebrate Supergirl show day? Yay!

Full details on how to enter can be found over at DC’s blog (in short: share your motto, use the hashtag, follow @MyDCDeals so they can notify you if you win by midnight tonight PT). Easy peasy.

Bonus link: Fashion inspired by books from several authors who will be at YALLfest in a couple of weeks, including Fallout.

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