Excuses, Excuses


A little slow on the start here this morning, due to our neighborhood’s brave, fireworks-loving souls who would not be silenced by mere rainstorms (inspiring, really)… much to the dogs’ and cat’s dismay and mine. Until the middle of the night. I’m used to it by now, but will never lose my next-day resentment for …

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I Don’t Like Mondays

Busy, busy, but I’ll be back later today with — gasp — an actual post about several actual books I’ve read recently and liked. It’s been too long since I’ve done that.

Sick Day

I seem to have contracted the Deadly Revenge of Something. Back tomorrow (hopefully!). In the meantime, check out Niall Harrison’s excellent review of newly-minted Crawford Award winner M. Rickert’s collection (my take here).

On the Road (updated)

And no free wireless anywhere. Back Thursday. Or possibly Monday. p.s. Portland is awesome! p.p.s. Yeah, so I sprang for the in-room high speed. I’m a junkie, I know. And I still won’t have time to post. But I am so loving this city: quick, someone offer me a job here.


Dealing with car trouble and other crap that makes a girl snarl. Back tomorrow (hopefully) with a more rosy disposition. Until then, it’s The Black Keys at full volume. Hope your day is less annoying.

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