Excuses, Excuses

Like the White Rabbit

I’m late, I’m incredibly busy, I’ll try to throw up a real post later on.

In the meantime, after reading two books back to back for review assignments that I would never have read otherwise, I am mucho happy to be reading Andrea Seigel’s To Feel Stuff. She gave her first "reading" in support of the book over the weekend, and there are pictures of the dancing. That’s right: she danced. And plans to do so again. (At Book Soup on Tuesday.)

Would we be constantly moaning about the fate of the written word if more writers shook their thang for the masses? I think not.

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I’m Late, I’m Late

WhiterabbitIt’s true — it seems like everyone else is already at or on their way to BEA. I’m proudly representing the community of stragglers. I wing out early tomorrow morning and arrive mid-afternoon, or just in time to see a few people and grab a bite before the party hopping begins. (I’m bringing my pogo stick and my magic wand.) (Not really; too hard to explain to airport security.)

Anyway, I hope to see those of you who are/will be there when I get there. I’m not making any promises about blogging while away, though at this point I’m leaning toward taking a laptop. That could change if I need the room to pack my cowboy boots. So either back soon with BEA reports or back Sunday evening with BEA reports. (I’d bet on the latter.) Good weekends all.

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Going Dark

I’m taking a few days off, likely back next week. I just didn’t want to leave the sweet boy’s entry at the top of the queue. Thanks to all who have called and written to us. It’s a tremendous comfort in a time when we need tremendous comfort. Back later.

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Lucy, I’m Home!

Didn’t mean to go AWOL today, but we were dealing with some crises. The many fans of George Rowe the Dog, Poster Boy for American Values, My Attorney, will be pleased to hear that he seems to be rallying tonight — gracefully excuting the eating, drinking and standing more or less upright we all know and love. We are breathing big sighs of relief; keep your fingers crossed. Real content to follow.

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Busy Bee

Whitefronted_beeeater_268040_1I owe quite a bit of email and feel kind of lousy and am busy, busy, busy.

But do expect a response over the weekend, which will be mostly spent furiously finishing up some reading, reading, reading for the LBC and the Fountain.

(That, over there on the left, is the Whitefronted Bee-eater eating an, um, bee.)

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Friday Wave

Still have this stupid cold (after this I am NEVER getting sick again; you hear me, germs?) and am busy so today is a day for excuses. Maybe some cat blogging later, if he’ll sit still and let me take the picture. Some writing later; something new, something top secret because I’m not quite sure yet. Some sleeping.

And on Sunday, I’ll join the other instigators here at Ed’s fabulous live Oscar blog party. Do stop by.

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Off the Hook

OffthehookI’m playing hooky for a couple of days to take care of some car trouble, do stuff, see my family and read. In the meantime, I stuck my blogthology story "Unflappable" up over on the little fake MySpace blog (friend me! or not), so you could read that if you didn’t (or not). And I am completely in love with M.I.A.

Good weekends all.

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