A little slow on the start here this morning, due to our neighborhood’s brave, fireworks-loving souls who would not be silenced by mere rainstorms (inspiring, really)… much to the dogs’ and cat’s dismay and mine. Until the middle of the night.

I’m used to it by now, but will never lose my next-day resentment for the resulting tiredness and crankitude.

p.s. I suppose this was a day off then; I’m comforted by how many of us disgruntled day-after-the-Fourthers there are. Christopher just made the most amazing dinner of whole wheat fancy pasta, chicken, avocado, yellow tomato (from my little plant!), mango and probably something else. Yum, I say. The rest of the evening to errands and undemanding television. Back tomorrow. Probably.

5 thoughts on “Yawn”

  1. The only sad thing for me about becoming a dog-owner is that I’ve completely lost my old love of fireworks…seeing how terrified the dogs get, especially as the fireworks sold around here get noisier and noisier, effectively takes away all the glittery-fun aspect of them for me.

  2. Yeah, I feel like my fireworks love peaked during childhood when they spelled out Annie’s name at the end of the movie version.

  3. I dunno – the cats sure hated all that noise, too. They were under the sofa most of the night. Of course, in my neighborhood, we have idiots who shoot guns into the air.

  4. We have drunk college boys who can’t get a date and work out their sexual frustration by setting off some serious ordnance all night long — rockets have been known to fly in the window.
    ‘course, there’s nothing like a call to the cops and a $500.00 fine for illegal fireworks to quiet it down… for a few hours anyway.

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