Dealing with car trouble and other crap that makes a girl snarl. Back tomorrow (hopefully) with a more rosy disposition. Until then, it’s The Black Keys at full volume. Hope your day is less annoying.

3 thoughts on “Grrrr”

  1. How’s the new CD? Haven’t gotten it yet. I saw the Black Keys in Baltimore a year or few ago, and they were magnificent. I could listen to “Just Couldn’t Tie Me Down” (from _Rubber Factory_) fifty times a day. “In a world gone White Stripes crazy, save some room in your heart for the Black Keys.”

  2. I LOVE them and I think the new album is fab. The White Stripes do remind me of them, but I have to say that I listen to the Black Keys to scratch an AC/DC itch without having to actually resort to listening to an entire album of AC/DC.

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