The Pre-Trip Busies

Why is it always so frenetic trying to get ready to leave town for a few days? Could it be because I put a bunch of stuff off and am now trying to get it done, along with the new stuff? Probably.

I answered not a stitch of email this weekend, so apologia for that. There was biking and brunch and squirting the little dog with half-vinegar, half-water solution to make him behave, and etcetera. I’m afraid there won’t be much to see around here until we are ensconced in Madison, but I do plan to update from there with entries and photos and maybe even some videos.

Oh, also, Wiscon-goers — we have never done the Sunday night dress up thing, but I’m considering bringing something fun this year. I have this Betsey Johnson fuschia and black tea length dress with a foofy tulle skirt that really deserves a night out. Too much?

p.s. This issue of Say…? Best. Ever. Seriously. Finishing up now. Available for purchase at the Small Beer table.

p.p.s. Okay, the foofy dress is coming along, assuming miraculously wonderful Carmen’s dry cleaning can do a minor repair for the roses sewn along the neckline.

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