Excuses, Excuses


Since the thing to do seems to be to stay very, very quiet, don’t expect much here until next week. Yesterday, I crashed and burned after the 700-mile neverending odyssey that was Christmas (thanks for the Magnum), managing only to accomplish lunch with a friend and the pending tweaks to GG (word to the wise: …

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Yes, we’ve been sucked into the holiday vortex. It looks as if it’s a 72-hour journey to the other side this year, so see you late Monday. Much must be eaten to avoid getting trapped forever. (And the holiday bitchiness continues to grow at an alarming rate…) Anyway, those at the right are less lame …

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It’s ChristopherGras*, so we’re going out for Mexican food, the latest Realms of Fantasy (with Chris Barzak story, natch) and Narnia. I may even have a Christopherita or two. (Hmmm… I think Gwendarita works better.) Perhaps a post later, depending on the number of ‘ritas. *It has been pointed out to me that some people …

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The Best Kind of Thanksgiving

…is the kind we have! The North Carolina contingency is en route, with the champions of the Northern Climes coming later on. (NC vs. NC, get it?)  So, there’ll probably be dust bunnies around here for the rest of the week. I’ll try and snap some pics. In the meanwhile, have a happy T-day, everybody.


Okay, so, terribly behind on email and a number of other things. (Email will be answered tomorrow: promise!) We have a reading tomorrow night (I’ll be doing one of the new and improved Girl’s Gang chapters) and I have to write a crit for this evening. On Sunday, I’m off to Atlanta for a couple …

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Under The Weather

On the heels of the desperate nap need, comes a little bit of bleh. (I’m hoping it’s just a little bit, anyway. I resent the very idea of a virus snatching away my weekend.) So now, another nap, and reading Oh Pure and Radiant Heart and trying to bypass this weather I’m under. I suggest …

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