Something In The Air

There must be, that is, because I did a fun interview for a podcast/radio thingie earlier today on gender and YA marketing and–unrelated–the epidode I'm on of WFPL's new fiction-on-the-radio-show Unbound airs tonight. The skinny: We're posting the audio from each show the morning after it airs. Tonight, tune in to 89.3 FM in Louisville …

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Two Quick Yaylets

1. Thing the First: I believe since it's in the Taryn Fagerness Agency newsletter for March, I can finally announce where that first-ever foreign sale* I mentioned on twitter awhile back was to… ::drumroll:: Blackwood is going to Italy! Where it'll be published by Fabbri Editore. Quite happy-making. Here's hoping there are more foreign adventures …

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Friday Hangovers

Just a few leetle things, most of which I've already shared on twitter, but things flit by so quickly there: I have completed all (I think/hope/believe) my stuff for the Bluegrass Writers Studio residency, including a looong lecture, written then extensively rewritten. Oh, process, you're so adorably consistent. A reminder that even if it's cold, …

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The Big Secret Revealed: Blackwood TV Deal (!!!)

From Deadline: MTV has put in development Blackwood, a drama from Lionsgate Television and Kelsey Grammer’s Grammnet Prods. It is based on the young adult book of the same name by Gwenda Bond, which was published this past September on the Strange Chemistry YA imprint of UK-based science fiction publisher Angry Robot Books. DC Comic …

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