Two Quick Yaylets

1. Thing the First:

I believe since it's in the Taryn Fagerness Agency newsletter for March, I can finally announce where that first-ever foreign sale* I mentioned on twitter awhile back was to…


Blackwood is going to Italy! Where it'll be published by Fabbri Editore. Quite happy-making. Here's hoping there are more foreign adventures in its future.

2. Thing the Second:

The 2013 Locus Awards Ballot (aka poll & survey) is now live. Anyone can vote, subscriber or not, and I am delighted to mention that Blackwood is on there in the First Novels category. And also that Christopher Rowe's "The Contrary Gardener" is on in the Novelette category. As well as many other fab works, so go forth and vote!

And now back to work. Nose, grindstone, that is all.

*In translation. The book is already published in the UK, of course, due to the English-language world domination plans of Angry Robot. Yay!

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