Context Is A Gift

Last night was my birthday eve, and today is my birthday, and most of you know how much I enjoy birthdays in general. Christopher and I were supposed to be in Boston, but the universe pulled a neat trick in making it all right that we ended up staying home. Joseph-Beth, bookstore extraordinaire, just happened …

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I know, I pretended there would be no posts here and then parade! of! posts! But I'd feel terrible if I didn't point to The Carol Emshwiller Project, coordinated by the wonderful Matt Cheney, who invited many people to celebrate the 90th birthday of one of SF's–and literature's, natch–true doyennes. Watching Carol navigate Wiscon as …

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Let the congratulations to the happy family finally be sung everywhere. A toast to Kelly and Gavin and Official Small Beer Baby, Ursula, future Queen of All She Surveys*. *She could possibly have already assumed this crown. I don't foresee any complaining, if so.


Another note from the weekend: You have not lived until you have eaten one (or several) of MAS’ gluten-free cupcakes. Oh. My. God. Best. Cupcakes. Ever. Happy (day after your) birthday, chica!

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