Something In The Air

There must be, that is, because I did a fun interview for a podcast/radio thingie earlier today on gender and YA marketing and–unrelated–the epidode I'm on of WFPL's new fiction-on-the-radio-show Unbound airs tonight. The skinny:

We're posting the audio from each show the morning after it airs. Tonight, tune in to 89.3 FM in Louisville at 7 p.m. Eastern time (stream us live at to hear Patrick Wensink and Gwenda Bond read stories about folks who have bad luck.

That's right, I read from Blackwood. (Let me know how it is; I can't stand hearing my own voice until someone tells me I won't cringe. And C's not back in town yet to do the test listen for me.)

All the episodes can be found here, posted after they air. The first season began airing Monday and continues each night, so check it out. And tell your local NPR station you want them to pick up the show. Huzzah and congratulations, WFPL, you made a show!

Updated to add: And here's the direct link to the episode. Loved hearing Patrick Wensink's piece.

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