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Hello From Here

So far all I’ve managed is to edit down a prologue (openings are delicate and tricksy!) — but having a great time in Lisbon. And loving my little workspace. More photos of this glorious city and our adventures here can be found in this flickr album I'm updating daily. Far too many, admittedly. Shoot now, …

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Yes, All Of This

That Libba Bray, she's right (and hilarious) as usual. This time offering advice on life/career track choices* to a high school senior who wrote her with a question: What good is it to spend a life doing something you don’t like? That’s not living; that’s marking time. And maybe it’s that from where I sit, …

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Truth & Beauty

Kate Elliott (whose new book Cold Magic is at the top of my TBR stack) has written an amazing and wise post about what it means to be a nation of immigrants, about prejudice and how it damages: And yet a cycle repeats itself. Every generation seems to fixate on some “new” immigrant group as a threat …

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I Helped This Time!

In addition to finally painting the living room*, Christopher had some other good news made formal this weekend. Go congratulate him, even if you don't know what it's for yet! *Yes, I realize this sentence doesn't quite make sense. Also, no more painting** until spring. **Pics soon. The living room is "contemplation." Who comes up …

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Still weepy, still in the good way. Yes, we can still surprise ourselves. You will find none of the inevitable tempering of expectations here. I’m willing to be surprised a million more times. That is all. …except for a couple of quick links: The List"Sorry We Can’t" Oh, and Christopher captures the mood in our …

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Make a Difference

Craig Gidney is a fabulous person, and a fabulous writer. We published his story "The Safety of Thorns" in Say… have you heard this one? (he talked about it here) and consider him a dear friend. He’s having a tough time at the moment, as one of those far-too-many writers without health insurance. Steve Berman …

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