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First Draft Island

So, earlier this evening, kvetching about revision on twitter As You Do, I tweeted: Thing that always cracks me up in my own early drafts: characters meant to be likable, but who are vaguely sinister instead. #fixety — Gwenda Bond (@Gwenda) July 8, 2012 I picture this whole Early Draft Island filled with unintentionally shady …

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Truth & Beauty

Kate Elliott (whose new book Cold Magic is at the top of my TBR stack) has written an amazing and wise post about what it means to be a nation of immigrants, about prejudice and how it damages: And yet a cycle repeats itself. Every generation seems to fixate on some “new” immigrant group as a threat …

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Geek Love: Andrew Auseon’s Freak Magnet

Around the end of chapter two of Andrew Auseon's latest YA novel, Freak Magnet (Amazon | Indiebound) I stopped to ask, Wait, why isn't everyone talking about this book? Of course, I know the answer. It's because Freak Magnet is a book that might be lumped into the nebulous category of "small"–it's primarily character-focused, it's …

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I'm working on a hopefully-not-too-lengthy post about blogging (meta!), but in the meanwhile a reminder that I'm continuing to update links to Kelly Link's blog tour stops in this post. Yesterday she wrote about coming up with story ideas and a bit about her own process: As well as useful ideas, there's a particular category …

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