Linky Business

Still on deadline(s) so just dropping in here with a few quick things. First off, SFX has a great preview of the Strange Chemistry imprint today by way of a fab interview with editrix-in-chief Amanda Rutter. It includes some newsy-ness, including that the imprint will be going to two titles per month starting the second …

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I Heart Monsters

Over at the Weird Fiction Review, 12 Days of Monsters continues with a whole slew of people talking about their favorite monsters. Here's a snippet of my response: Greek mythology is filled with so many appealing (and unappealing) actual monsters that my choice may seem like a stretch of the term, but since she’s often …

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Friday Five

In which we return to random Fridays. 1. The children's and YA literature community lost one of its brightest lights this week, in L.K. Madigan (aka Lisa Wolfson). I never met Lisa in person, but we exchanged a few emails (always memorable, always funny), chatted on twitter and shared an agent. (In fact, I believe …

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Monday Five

Because I haven't managed to do the random post on Fridays lately, and really, why not on Monday? 1) Lots of people are recommending scary reading in honor of Halloween, which is a lovely idea that makes me happy. I always struggle with making lists, afraid (ha) to leave things out. Anyway, I've been doing …

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Llamas On The Lam

Escaped llamas named Felicity and Prism–I love this story: Two llamas escaped from a farm near the Louisville Zoo early Friday, causing police and animal services to track them through the surrounding neighborhoods. One llama, named Felicity, made it pretty far, eventually getting stopped on Harvard Drive near Bardstown Road in the Douglass Loop. A …

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