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I'm not saying Llama Font fixes everything…well, maybe I am. For instance: You will finish this novel. SOON. How can it not be true if llamas said it? LLAMAS SPEAK ONLY THE TRUTH. *This refers to the llamas and their creator(s), not me, obviously.

Travel Day

We are off to the International Conference for the Fantastic in the Arts* (ICFA, aka science fiction spring break), where the sun shines brighter. I'm on a panel tomorrow, I believe, but don't have the schedule handy to nab the title and other participants at the moment. It's at 10:30 tomorrow morning; this happens to …

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Doncha Think

Justine should learn to lindyhop? Actually, I don't care if you do, but I do want you to go say you do in her comments. C'mon, people! We need a hundred votes!

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