Vanishing Point

But only for the weekend past… Did I say I’d post photos? Oh, I intended to.

Our lovely friend Katherine was even in town, and we went out on it for some perfectly-seared tuna steaks, divine risotto and wine (it is officially the month of my birth, after all). Alas, I have run out of the batteries that actually make the camera work. I then vowed, as we fled the exploding city, that I’d battery up and take photos of the place where I grew up.

No such luck there either. Keeping Emma dog from wedging herself under the bed and managing nephews took precedence. (WALL-E = very good.) Although I believe my mother may have taken a snap of me and nephews with the first official birthday dessert–a little something called Brownie "OMFG" Pie. The rest of the weekend was spent reading the first two books in Ilona Andrews‘ equally delicious Kate Daniels series. (I’m hooked.)

I make no apologies for my lies about participating in daily photo challenges and such. I’m still finishing up this f-ing draft, after all*. I’ll drop in, but until I get to Vermont (hoping for Tuesday late afternoon), I make no promises. Hope the U.S. birthday treated y’all in style, and can’t wait to see those of you residency or Readercon-bound.

*Tricksy longer-than-supposed book = grrrr.

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Let the Celebrating Continue

Oh, yay, the weekend has arrived and with it will come Miss Barb Gilly and Mister Richard Butner, live from Raleigh, for birthday celebrationing. The house is allmostly spiffed and life is grand. I bought Scattergories. And we still haven’t played Save Dr. Lucky, even though we’ve had it for AGES. Drinking and board games, people; try it at home.

Emma the Dog Girl and I took a long meander around downtown last night, and she was the picture of bravery, sidling up to the giant, public-showeresque water feature in the courthouse square to steal a drink. Must start taking camera along. Even funnier, when we got home, she immediately lay down on the bathroom floor with her face over the a/c vent. Must start taking pictures at home. Later, Hemingway taunting her by lolling lazily on his back while she bark, bark, barked, which was the best, but also sadly unphotoged. Consider this paragraph your Friday Pictorial that isn’t.

Hangovers later, and I have a couple of real posts I haven’t had time to get to yet. Oh, and tEpicscoversmhe Twenty Epics festivities continue; just go buy it! Christopher hasn’t written an entry about his story yet, which is sort of appropriate since it’s tiny — the shortest epic in the book, I believe. So consider this a post on his behalf and an admonition to buy what is most assuredly one of the best anthologies you’ll read this year. I hear the index is epic, all on its own. Ciao.

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It’s My Birthday

Saccoandvanzetti_lg_1And I’ll give away stuff if I want to. That’s right. I want everyone to be happy on my birthday and get presents. Since I can’t do that, the first person who emails or comments and says they would like them will get advance copies of Susanna Clarke’s The Ladies of Grace Adieu and Mark Binelli’s Sacco and Vanzetti Must Die! (plus whatever else I feel like throwing in, probably a copy of the new F&SF, some zines and spare stuff); they’ll even be wrapped nicely.

Now I go eat scones then get the superdeluxe massage and at some point sushi. (& a little party this weekend.) I love birthdays. And I’m actually ecstatic to finally be 30. It’s going to be a great decade. I can feel it.

Someone did the juju.

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