It’s My Birthday

Saccoandvanzetti_lg_1And I’ll give away stuff if I want to. That’s right. I want everyone to be happy on my birthday and get presents. Since I can’t do that, the first person who emails or comments and says they would like them will get advance copies of Susanna Clarke’s The Ladies of Grace Adieu and Mark Binelli’s Sacco and Vanzetti Must Die! (plus whatever else I feel like throwing in, probably a copy of the new F&SF, some zines and spare stuff); they’ll even be wrapped nicely.

Now I go eat scones then get the superdeluxe massage and at some point sushi. (& a little party this weekend.) I love birthdays. And I’m actually ecstatic to finally be 30. It’s going to be a great decade. I can feel it.

Someone did the juju.

22 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday”

  1. I can’t really believe that I am the first. Hooray, hooray! Someone must have written you at your email address.

    Have a wonderful birthday, Gwenda! Do you have an wishlist?

    In news related to your outdated entries, have you seen this?

  2. I give up, then. I live, like, internationally far away, anyway. So far away that it can be measured in those scientific units, whaddaya call ’em, postage stamps. I am glad that I got to well-wish first, though.

  3. No, no, you were first, fair and square. And I’m international too, so I’ve got no advantage there. (Of course, you’re probably also right that someone else already emailed …)

  4. Yes, happy 30s! I must say with what I hope will come across as relief rather than smugness that I am finding the 30s EXTRAORDINARILY preferable to the 20s! I’m turning 35 next week, I remember from last year we’ve all got those July birthdays….

  5. Happy birthday! I’ve had your feed on my friendslist for several months and I’m enjoying it *immensely*.
    Drat. Wish I’d been faster with the commenting, but I hope you have a healthy and joyful year ahead of you.

  6. Mr. Cavin, you were indeed first, so send me your current mailing address down in those sunny climes of the excellent tequila. I can throw in some birthday stuff for Miss Sunshine too. (And those photos are AMAZING. I was so happy about the big article in the H-L.)
    Niall, I’ll send you something too — probably even a copy of the Clarke, as I have two. (One was from BEA.) Just email your address.
    Thanks all! On to coffeeine!

  7. I knew I’d be too late for free stuff, but I wanted to make sure to welcome you to the thirtysomething level. Have a great birthday!

  8. Not even remotely first, but happy birthday nonetheless! I’ll just have to struggle through to October for Susanna Clarke’s book.

  9. happy birthday, girlie! i have decreed in the past, and this is for everybody, that on your thirtieth birthday, you must do something that you’ve never done, and have always wanted to do.
    it can be small (prank calling the DMV) or large (i went hang gliding), but it must be done to kick off your thirties with a bang and permission.

  10. And now I am second!
    …except, it looks like everybody else came back.
    But happy birthday anyway, even if I don’t get any free stuff.

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