Vanishing Point

But only for the weekend past… Did I say I’d post photos? Oh, I intended to.

Our lovely friend Katherine was even in town, and we went out on it for some perfectly-seared tuna steaks, divine risotto and wine (it is officially the month of my birth, after all). Alas, I have run out of the batteries that actually make the camera work. I then vowed, as we fled the exploding city, that I’d battery up and take photos of the place where I grew up.

No such luck there either. Keeping Emma dog from wedging herself under the bed and managing nephews took precedence. (WALL-E = very good.) Although I believe my mother may have taken a snap of me and nephews with the first official birthday dessert–a little something called Brownie "OMFG" Pie. The rest of the weekend was spent reading the first two books in Ilona Andrews‘ equally delicious Kate Daniels series. (I’m hooked.)

I make no apologies for my lies about participating in daily photo challenges and such. I’m still finishing up this f-ing draft, after all*. I’ll drop in, but until I get to Vermont (hoping for Tuesday late afternoon), I make no promises. Hope the U.S. birthday treated y’all in style, and can’t wait to see those of you residency or Readercon-bound.

*Tricksy longer-than-supposed book = grrrr.

3 thoughts on “Vanishing Point”

  1. you know, i read your blog faithfully, but i don’t know what nobble you’re working on. do tell!
    (am i just not paying attention?)

  2. I think it’s probably because I’m usually confusing and cryptic. And working on another novel too.
    This is the sprawling one about Medea’s daughter saving America (more or less), current working title Monster Nation. And it’ll hopefully be done in another couple of weeks! 🙂

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