20 thoughts on “News on the Radio, Sirens Far Away”

  1. Happy birthday! I am in Maine! For your birthday present, all the exclamation marks you could possibly want, all in one comment!

  2. Thanks, guys. It makes me very happy that I’ll be seeing both half of the Burgis-Samphire duo (although sad that it’s not both of you) and you, Ms. Link, very soon!

  3. Happy Birthday G.
    And yes, the 30s do rock–the “boy these hangovers are a lot worse than they used to be” thing tends to get balanced out by the “I have learned how to not get myself into those hangover situations” thing.

  4. Haha, old lady, you are two and half months older than I am! And you always will be.
    (Happy birthday)

  5. Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!
    Welcome to thrill ride of 31. Must be a good year. Can’t actually remember it, but it must have been good!

  6. Happy Birthday…just think–now you’ve beat Shelley, Emily Bronte, Thomas Chatterton, Jean Harlow, Jane Grey, Isabella Beeton, and both Princes in the Tower! Keep up the good work…

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