It’s ChristopherGras*, so we’re going out for Mexican food, the latest Realms of Fantasy (with Chris Barzak story, natch) and Narnia. I may even have a Christopherita or two. (Hmmm… I think Gwendarita works better.) Perhaps a post later, depending on the number of ‘ritas.

*It has been pointed out to me that some people don’t know what GwendaGras is, so they won’t know what ChristopherGras is. Can such a thing be true? Figure it out, people! Where have you been?! It’s called JULY**!!! Anyway, Christopher’s birthday is actually on Xmas Day — you still have time to buy him a brand new Apple laptop, which is what he needs as his is dead, dead, dead. (Address in the sidebar, imaginary good samaritans.)

**That’s when my birthday is. July 12.

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