Yes, we’ve been sucked into the holiday vortex. It looks as if it’s a 72-hour journey to the other side this year, so see you late Monday. Much must be eaten to avoid getting trapped forever. (And the holiday bitchiness continues to grow at an alarming rate…)

Anyway, those at the right are less lame than me, so check them out in the meanwhile. Also, Jeff VanderMeer has put up a "kind of" holiday tale from the Secret Life, for your reading pleasure.

Last but not least, drop Mr. Rowe a holiday line or comment on his practically nonexistent birthday (aka TODAY), at CVROWEATGMAILDOTCOM or on any random entry over here. Sadly, he’s still computerless so he may not respond right away, but he’s sharing mine and frequenting the library so it won’t be too long. And how lame is it that he gets no real birthday? Very, very.

And hey, hope you got some loot. You deserve it.

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