Okay, so, terribly behind on email and a number of other things. (Email will be answered tomorrow: promise!) We have a reading tomorrow night (I’ll be doing one of the new and improved Girl’s Gang chapters) and I have to write a crit for this evening. On Sunday, I’m off to Atlanta for a couple of days for a work thing and plan to hole up in my room for any loose ends time to (hopefully) put the Girl’s Gang rewrite securely to bed and I need to work up some questions for an interview I’m doing for someplace that’s not here, and on. SO, to be more succint, it’s busy on this end of the dixie cup and you may not hear much from me until Wednesday or so. I’ll try to poke my head in or pre-post a few things for Monday and Tuesday, but I’m not promising.

Just remember: I love you all. Have a nice weekend.

p.s. Check out Kirby Gann’s most excellent answers to a few questions I sent him by way of Mr. Mumpsimus. Kirby Gann week was a great deal of fun, I think, and there’s still an interesting thread in the comments of one of the posts about flawed books and perfect ones. Stop in and leave your own. I prefer less than perfect books myself, for the most part.

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