I’m Late, I’m Late

WhiterabbitIt’s true — it seems like everyone else is already at or on their way to BEA. I’m proudly representing the community of stragglers. I wing out early tomorrow morning and arrive mid-afternoon, or just in time to see a few people and grab a bite before the party hopping begins. (I’m bringing my pogo stick and my magic wand.) (Not really; too hard to explain to airport security.)

Anyway, I hope to see those of you who are/will be there when I get there. I’m not making any promises about blogging while away, though at this point I’m leaning toward taking a laptop. That could change if I need the room to pack my cowboy boots. So either back soon with BEA reports or back Sunday evening with BEA reports. (I’d bet on the latter.) Good weekends all.

2 thoughts on “I’m Late, I’m Late”

  1. Don’t worry — not a chance!
    (And I get back realllly early on Sunday so I can sleep the afternoon away. How much damage can a day and a half really do?)

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