Lucy, I’m Home!

Didn’t mean to go AWOL today, but we were dealing with some crises. The many fans of George Rowe the Dog, Poster Boy for American Values, My Attorney, will be pleased to hear that he seems to be rallying tonight — gracefully excuting the eating, drinking and standing more or less upright we all know and love. We are breathing big sighs of relief; keep your fingers crossed. Real content to follow.

6 thoughts on “Lucy, I’m Home!”

  1. He’s just slowing down — he’s suddenly having a great deal more trouble moving around. This morning we were kind of back to square one; hopefully, he’ll be more mobile again as the day goes on. Tomorrow we go to the vet. Fingers crossed!

  2. Thanks, guys. He’s having a pretty rough time of it. We’re giving him cookies and brushing him and making sure he eats and drinks.
    I am the kind of basketcase that can only be invented by getting up at 3 a.m. + this.
    Tomorrow we go to the vet.

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