Preorder Fun for the Frame-Up

Hi! Time for some book stuff! The Frame-Up will be out SO SOON — February 13! I’m partnering with my local independent bookstore Joseph-Beth Booksellers for a fun preorder offer — you can get the book signed by me AND cover model Sally…or is it a forgery?

Go watch the video and decide! Many thanks to The Mischief Maker for her video assistance. (That is the FULL video, which is better than the short version instagram made me do!)

Order your copy for pick-up at the launch event 2/13 or for shipping straight to you.

Tour dates to come very soon! And if you prefer to order from your own indie bookstore, contact me and I’ll send a bookplate signed by us both to you. Please help to spread the word, if you would be so kind! And I know, I know, motivating to preorder is hard, but it is awesome and amazing and appreciated if you do and you won’t have to wait very long to get your book. More preorder links here.

Also got a great review from Library Journal: “The humorous banter of the characters will delight while readers try to puzzle out the mystery that slowly unspools… Hand Bond’s new crime caper fantasy (which follows her recent espionage-themed paranormal romance Mr. & Mrs. Witch) to readers who like their magic set in the real world or who enjoy heist novels based around a found-family crew.”

And, in case you’ve forgotten, here’s the about:

A magically gifted con artist must gather her estranged mother’s old crew for a once-in-a-lifetime heist, from the New York Times bestselling author of Stranger Things: Suspicious Minds.

“Romantic, clever, and makes grand larceny more fun than ever.”—Holly Black, 
New York Times bestselling author of Book of Night

Dani Poissant is the daughter and former accomplice of the world’s most famous art thief. There was no job too big for Maria and her loyal crew. The secret to their success? A little thing called magic, kept rigorously secret from the non-magical world. They seemed unstoppable . . . until a teenage Dani turned her mother over to the FBI.
Ten years later, with Maria still in prison, Dani finds herself approached for a job that only Maria and her crew could pull off . . . if any of them were still speaking to her. But it’s the job of a lifetime and might just be the lure Dani needs to reconcile with her mother and be reunited with her mother’s old gang—including both the love of her life and her former best friend.
The problem is, it’s an impossible task—even with the magical talents of the people she once considered family backing her up. It’s a heist that needs a year to plan, and Dani has just over a week. Worse, the more Dani learns, the more she understands that there’s far more at stake in this job than she ever realized.

Miscellaneous: I saw the soul reader from Midway AND had my astrological chart read (I was born on the full moon!), both interesting. I also got an awful cold and am still suffering from a lingering ear infection, BUT I’m writing again and my mom DOES NOT have breast cancer, so I’ll live.

And I subscribed to the Criterion Collection and my days of endless scrolling and dissatisfied movie abandonment seem to be over. I recommend it — and for you bookish types, the Turn Every Page documentary about editorial legend Robert Gottlieb and his author Bob Caro is on there (as are two Barbara Stanwyck Christmas movies!).

I hope the holidays treat you all well! More soon, and back to writing all the words,


Originally published on Substack.

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