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It’s been one week since Not Your Average Hot Guy hit shelves — thanks to everyone who has bought or checked out or posted or shared about it so far! If you enjoy, please leave reviews and also badger everyone you know until they buy it (kidding, I kid! or do I?).

Here’s some things you can find online:

Mine and Scalzi’s conversation at the Lexington Writer’s Room for a smallish crowd, hosted by Joseph-Beth Booksellers (both Lexington and Cincy have signed copies) (Cincy is out of signed copies, but you can call the Lexington store to get them) — the main event starts around 5 minutes in and was a lot of fun;

A Q&A over at The Nerd Daily;

An interview over at Sweety High;

Five Things I Learned Writing NYAHG over at my pal Chuck Wendig’s; and

– Annnd I’m delighted to say Buzzfeed shouted out the book as one of its Best Books of October in Romance!

Now…some podcasts!

– I got to gab Ted Lasso and romance with the gang over at Richmond Til We Die and it was so much fun; listen wherever you get your podcasts!

– I chatted with the divine Elizabeth and Flourish over at Fansplaining about all sorts of things; and

– I headed over to my friend Mur’s twitch stream, which you can now listen to as an episode of her I Should Be Writing podcast!

You can find signed books at both Joseph-Beth Lexington and Cincinnati or hit up Brookline Booksmith or Fountain Bookstore for copies with signed bookplates; thanks to these fabulous indies for hosting events this past week and all my convo partners. There’s a second round of stuff coming later this month/early next, but, for now, I’m on deadline.

Leaving reviews for books you enjoy helps other readers find them, which is so so important in these times of releasing a book into this vast ocean of *gestures*. If you can find a minute or two for a brief one, even that helps! While I have you…

Other buy links:

Barnes & Noble

Or go preorder the sequel, out in April, The Date from Hell!

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