TV Badness

TV is Stupid

The absolutely wonderful Miss Guided isn’t coming back. Also, sad but not shocked to see Aliens in America and Canterbury’s Law (which was Closeresque in its perfect semi-mindless entertainment factor and given a hint of actual depth by Juliana Margulies). Boo!

Sweet Comedy

If the shrill train wreck The Return of Jezebel James has disappointed you but you’re still in the mood for a sitcom, then I recommend checking out the charming, actually funny Miss Guided. Judy Greer rocks.

Last GG Woe

Writing in the NYT, Virginia Heffernan nails the badness of Gilmore Girls this season: For all these years, Lorelai in “Gilmore Girls” has been painful and surprising and exciting to watch — a marvelous high-wire act. How cruel that the new writer of the show wants to rub her face in conventionality, strip her of …

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