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Bunheads Chatter Chorus

And tonight's episode is:

For Fanny. An unexpected occurence puts Michelle at odds with her new mother-in-law; Fanny's students prove to be an inspiration.

The Facebook discussion thread is right here.

Unrelated personal nattering: For those keeping a grossness tally of C's week away at le workshop (okay, that's just me, but I'm going to inflict it on you too), so far I've had to dispose of THREE dead birds from the back yard. Tragic bird family–seriously, they are the Okies of bird families, the back yard is the Dust Bowl, and Emma is the Steinbeckian wrath–keep building their nest where babies get washed out when it storms… Sadness. Especially when you have to intercept a half-golden retriever, half-basset hound who apparently got the retrieving gene loud and clear. Don't let her innocent mug fool you.


Cold-Blooded Killer* (aka Warm-Blooded Retriever)

Anyway, come over later and talk TV (and things that are infuriating said in interviews).

*Did I ever post Christopher's story about the teacher who told his seventh grade science class that: "Dogs are cold-blooded. How else are they able to sleep outside during the winter?"

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Reprise National Costume

The Miss Universe pageant is on NBC tonight at 9 p.m., and this intergalactic strangefest should not be missed if you can help it.*

Psst: Refresher on the rules of the drinking game.

I'm always a Trinidad & Tobago girl, but I might branch out this year. And there are so many questions: Will America trip at some point? Can Venezuela lose? Who will be the saddest "celebrity" guest judge?


*Scoff if you must, but the Vietnam pageant was the first place I ever saw a little someone called Lady Gaga perform.

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Last GG Woe

Writing in the NYT, Virginia Heffernan nails the badness of Gilmore Girls this season:

For all these years, Lorelai in “Gilmore Girls” has been painful and surprising and exciting to watch — a marvelous high-wire act. How cruel that the new writer of the show wants to rub her face in conventionality, strip her of the speed that was her reason for being and transform her into another banal television lead.

The whole piece is great. Now: Go VOTE. I’m heading there now.

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