Reprise National Costume

The Miss Universe pageant is on NBC tonight at 9 p.m., and this intergalactic strangefest should not be missed if you can help it.*

Psst: Refresher on the rules of the drinking game.

I'm always a Trinidad & Tobago girl, but I might branch out this year. And there are so many questions: Will America trip at some point? Can Venezuela lose? Who will be the saddest "celebrity" guest judge?


*Scoff if you must, but the Vietnam pageant was the first place I ever saw a little someone called Lady Gaga perform.

5 thoughts on “Reprise National Costume”

  1. Please do drink for us! Miss T&T actually just might win this year. I’ll be up at 3 to see if I can find a webcast; otherwise I might just randomly troll to see if people can tell me who is in and who has been cut.

  2. I hope you do. Or maybe Sunshine can just call you up on the phone and you can describe it. It’s going to be an awfully sad three am if there is not content after the refresh.
    PS, I do not think Miss USA will fall down. Honestly, it was just public hubris that did whatserface in two years ago in Nam, anyway. Last year our Miss managed to stand upright whenever the cameras were on her, and probably broke the curse. I think Rima is coltish but stable.

  3. Yay, I found a $1.99 webcast. Drink when Brett changes his bandanna to a different show bandana

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