Bunheads Chatter Chorus

And tonight's episode is:

For Fanny. An unexpected occurence puts Michelle at odds with her new mother-in-law; Fanny's students prove to be an inspiration.

The Facebook discussion thread is right here.

Unrelated personal nattering: For those keeping a grossness tally of C's week away at le workshop (okay, that's just me, but I'm going to inflict it on you too), so far I've had to dispose of THREE dead birds from the back yard. Tragic bird family–seriously, they are the Okies of bird families, the back yard is the Dust Bowl, and Emma is the Steinbeckian wrath–keep building their nest where babies get washed out when it storms… Sadness. Especially when you have to intercept a half-golden retriever, half-basset hound who apparently got the retrieving gene loud and clear. Don't let her innocent mug fool you.


Cold-Blooded Killer* (aka Warm-Blooded Retriever)

Anyway, come over later and talk TV (and things that are infuriating said in interviews).

*Did I ever post Christopher's story about the teacher who told his seventh grade science class that: "Dogs are cold-blooded. How else are they able to sleep outside during the winter?"

6 thoughts on “Bunheads Chatter Chorus”

  1. I love Bunheads. Just subscribed so I can join in the chatter – although I rarely watch anything in real time, so I’ll be the one commenting days after the show airs.
    Amy S-P’s response bugs me for many reasons, the main one being she’s making it about women not supporting women. I don’t think that just because a TV show was created by a woman means that no other woman can ever criticize it, or it makes them anti-woman. That’s ridiculous nonsense.
    We should really focus on how adorable Sutton Foster is. National treasure, say I.

  2. Excellent. We usually watch everything a day late, so I’ll probably be right there with you most weeks.
    And yesyesyes on the AS-P comments. And there’s also the implication that Shonda Rhimes has it So Easy because she exec produces several shows. Yes, the TV business, where African-American women get whatever they want…
    Sutton Foster is COMPLETELY adorable.

  3. I enjoyed the first episode of Bunheads, but how disappointing re: AS-P’s comments. Especially when I think of Lane Kim and her mother and their awesomeness.

  4. Don’t read the comments to that ASP article or you will lose your mind. (Still trying to recover from them.) She made so many mistakes with her response – she should have acknowledged the criticism and frankly expected it in the wake of the similar GIRLS discussion. Hell, she should have thought about this when casting and tried to get a cast that actually reflected what America looks like and not a whitewashed version of it.
    And can I just say how TIRED I am of this? It is television – you are representing something, it’s not just a show in your own backyard. Do you damn job and make the effort to represent more than just a narrow perspective. It’s not like you have to pick one ethnicity – ANY ethnic appearing character would be welcome. And ditto what Gwynne Garfinkle said about Lane Kim.
    Has ASP lost her mind or what? (Blaming a shortened casting schedule? Really? WEAK!!!!)

  5. Yep yep. Now, in last night’s ep, there is some improvement on the casting (but…not much). Still, it seems like a case of classic ASP Response To Criticism, and there were so many things she could’ve said INSTEAD.

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