Why There is No Longer a GilmoreGossipCircle

From the Watcher:

(I’m putting this behind the cut so anyone still watching this show can avoid it if they want to be unspoiled. But, woe, this is worse than seventh season Buffy. Woe.)

"Gilmore Girls," 7 p.m., CW: Say it ain’t so. Now, if you can buy Christopher and Lorelai as a couple (I just can’t, sorry), you may be cheered by the fact that the couple get hitched in Paris in this episode. For some, it’s a reason to celebrate. For others, it’s perhaps a reason to take the show off our must-see list and demote it to “check in occasionally, with wistful disappointment in our hearts.”

7 thoughts on “Why There is No Longer a GilmoreGossipCircle”

  1. jennifer, aka literaticat

    the lj feed of this wasn’t behind a cut.
    MY EYES!
    This season is bad, but I still love them so much that I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS.

  2. I’d been reading spoilers for a while and had given up on the show completely. In fact, the last two episodes of last year were pretty much the end for me, but I thought I’d keep up with it just in case someone over there came to their senses. These writers and show-runner need to go back to writing 101 — you don’t build an audiences’ love for a couple for 6 years and then break them up to the point where there’s no relationship at all and one marries the very idiot who’s abandoned her too many times to count. Now, if in season 2 or 3 Chris had come back to be a viable choice (and there would have had to have been some serious rehab on his character), maybe L making this choice wouldn’t be so out of character. But I can still see season 4, see the eventual dawning on both couples, and still see how good they were for each other. (And don’t get me started on the whole April storyline, which is just stupid.) (Not entirely stupid that he would have a daughter, but entirely stupid that he wouldn’t ask his best friend, who raised a daughter on her own — of which he is very proud (both the raising and the daughter) — for advice. He’d have been asking advice, he’d have been letting Lorelai participate. Just stupid.)
    Sorry. I hate it when a good show goes stupid. Thank goodness for fan fiction.

  3. Oh, God, I stopped watching right before Rory was about to sleep with somebody. Just after Jess left to star in his own ill-advised show.
    I miss them so. I still ask after Paris and Lane from my friends that still watch, but I just couldn’t take it anymore. And now there’s some dumb Lane pregancy story!? WTF?

  4. I don’t actually watch GG (I catch reruns of older seasons every now and then, and I’m curious enough to keep up with plot developments), but given how early we are in the season, and that this is probably the show’s last year, I really doubt this marriage is going to last. I’d expect a divorce or annulment, followed by a reconciliation with Luke towards the end of the season.
    I’m not saying it’s not a dumb way of getting there, but I really don’t believe the writers are so stupid as to not realize where their story should end up.

  5. The thing is, even if they do break up and she ends up with Luke I’m so pissed that I won’t believe it. I mean please – there was so much about this whole Luke/Lorelai storyline that got beyond the realm of reality or made any sense at all and that was one of the best things about this show, that it was quirky but still felt real.
    And has anyone noticed how April has just vanished off the face of the earth now that her impact on the plot is done?
    Sad sad sad sad!

  6. I choose to believe that Gilmore Girls was cancelled at the end of season 5. Everything after that has been little more than elaborate fanfic — whether Amy Sherman-Palladino was involved in it or not — and as such, is not part of the Gilmore Girls canon.
    That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

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