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John Hughes. His influence lives on. EW names his 20 key movies; Mark Kozelek remembers a phone conversation; and a long-time pen pal remembers her long-distance friend.


I usually skim the Washington Post capsule reviews on DVD releases to prioritize new stuff into my Netflix queue. Imagine my surprise to see a science fiction movie I'd never even heard of, Push, being released on DVD this week and having gotten a recommendation. Perhaps I enjoyed this so much because it's completely my …

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We recently re-upped our Netflix subscription (big TV and TV season disappointing and all) and have mostly seen terrible movies as a result. (Tranformers = How can you screw up giant fighting robots so badly?) On the other hand, we also finally watched the miniseries of Battlestar Gallactica, which was better than we’d hoped. (Maybe …

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Do not see the movie Sunshine. You won’t like it. It’s terrible. It’s stupid. It’s SO bad. I say: "How? Why? So confused." Kelly says: "It follows the exact plot of Event Horizon." Gavin says: "This is the dumbest film ever made." Christopher says: "Event Horizon is a stupid stupid movie, but comparing the two …

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