Push-scifi-movie I usually skim the Washington Post capsule reviews on DVD releases to prioritize new stuff into my Netflix queue. Imagine my surprise to see a science fiction movie I'd never even heard of, Push, being released on DVD this week and having gotten a recommendation.

Perhaps I enjoyed this so much because it's completely my kind of story (involving several of my bulletproof kinks, as it were*). The kind with interesting world-building and lots of cool powers and fighty fights and it's set in Hong Kong. And, in fact, it feels like a Hong Kong action movie in all the good ways. Dakota Fanning is a little revelation in this one. Most science fiction movies are really bad, if you haven't noticed, and this one isn't.

Checking out the Rotten Tomatoes (22 percent fresh, ouch!), the complaints about this seem to be that people didn't get it, felt it was too convoluted to follow, etc. Some said it was silly, but I'd go with fun. And we wonder why smarter science fiction movies don't get made, or don't get much of a sell. Anyway, we liked it a whole bunch. And the concept would make a great young adult series too.

*dystopian, secret one-name sinister organization, awesome and evocatively named powers, fights that have brains behind their choreography

Updated: Charlie Jane likes it too–so there!

4 thoughts on “Watching”

  1. 22%? Really? I thought it was really good.
    Although Dakota Fanning still creeps me a out a little. She doesn’t act like a little girl at all–its like somebody shrank Diane Keaton down or something.
    And no, it wasn’t convoluted. And the screamer guys are scary.

  2. I enjoyed watching Push too! I also liked the world-building, the powers, and the fact that it was set in Asia. ASIA! 😀

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