Admission (Updated)

This year the part of the Oscars I was most looking forward to: Today. The Fug.

(Not that I don’t love the Oscars, and actually I’m really pleased with the winners, it’s just some years it’s hard to care. I look at it as leaving room for the years when you need to drink champers, wear a tiara, and make a fuss. Perhaps I’m just sad that the fabulousness of the first … Oscar Party, oh lo many years ago now, will never be equaled.)

(What was Daniel Day-Lewis’ wife/girlfriendRebecca Miller wearing? WOW. Just, WOW.)

Update: Fug on the dress. (I hadn’t seen the shoes!)

3 thoughts on “Admission (Updated)”

  1. You’re right, that dress was awful in ways I couldn’t even comprehend. But she’s not just Daniel Day Lewis’ arm candy — Rebecca Miller is also a screenwriter & director (Personal Velocity) and the daughter of Arthur Miller.

  2. yes, her dress was hideous, but oh my dear, my dear, do you not know who she is? that’s rebecca miller, ddl’s wife, arthur miller’s daughter, and the genius auteur of “personal velocity” and “the ballad of jack and rose.”
    so she’s no longer going to be the slicker, new yorker half of the most interesting power couple i can think of on short notice. so she’s moving into middle-aged eccentricity. yay for her!

  3. Oh, I know who she is now that you tell me her name. But I had no idea what she looked like or that she was with Daniel Day-Lewis (something I refuse to feel bad about–I really don’t keep up with celebrity stuff other than browsing EW).
    Somehow it makes it far, far worse that she chose to wear that bad Project Runway dress. I expect more! Bjork is eccentric; that was just bad.

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