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Word Pictures

Two movie trailers of interest are out on the street. You can watch the one for the adaptation of Holly Black’s Spiderwick Chronicles here. With such a Neverending Story vibe, how can it possibly go wrong? (That kid is a new Bastian!) The other is for the adaptation of Karen Joy Fowler’s The Jane Austen …

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Experimental Video

So, my mostly-spontaneous irresponsible purchase of the day was a basic point-and-shoot digital video camera at Target. This is because sometimes I want to make fun videos, but have no way to do so (other than the LCDless, soundless digital camera). Now I am a camera-armed menace. Anyway, I want to play around with it …

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The Host is the best movie I’ve seen in AGES. I can’t even remember the last time that I went into a theater with expectations so high and they were exceeded and then some. Don’t hesitate: see this movie.

Stranger Than Fiction

Wow, two winners in a row — my faith in Hollywood’s about to be restored or something. Definitely go see this movie. The cast is uniformly great and understated (and this includes Dustin Hoffman!). It’s smart and plays against expectation and especially traditional Hollywood movie expectation. It is not, I repeat NOT, a comedy; that’s …

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