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Things That Are Free (Contest Winner + Books By The Banks + A Tip For NYCC Goers)

Three things:

Thing the First) Thanks to all of you who entered the YASH bonus contest and the winner is… ::drumroll::

Melissa R., who I've already contacted. Yay. Hope you enjoy the book and that some of the rest of y'all check it out too.

Thing the Second) I'll be at Books by the Banks this Saturday in Cincinnati. Admission is free, but there will be copies of Girl on a Wire (and lots of other books) on sale from the divine Joseph-Beth Booksellers and I'll happily scribble in one for you. Or just come by and say hi.

I'll also be doing “Speed Dating” as part of the festival's Teen Scene at 11 a.m. — the participating authors are: Gwenda Bond, Mindee Arnett, Kristen Simmons, Katherine Howe, Laura Bickle, Jennifer McGowan.

I'm sure you can find much more about all of this on the festival's website.

Thing the Third) I am not at NYCC, because see Thing the Second. But if you are, then here's a little tip. Come closer… Closer…

And now I will give the usual neurotic writer caveat that the most fun part of getting an ARC will be that you can read it and the final version, which I'm working on right now. But you know you still want it. (I hope! Because sneak peek! And much will remain the same. I refer you to the "neurotic writer" modifier. 😉 (Also: I believe the locale for this score is D1 in the Artist's Alley.)

Have a great weekend, everyone! And remember, if you need reading material: I have this new book out and so *bats eyelashes*. Whenever a copy is purchased, a puppy smiles. That's just science.

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A Few Things!

If you're here for the #YASH, post is right below this one or click here.

A few very nice things. Girl on a Wire is on some lists for October books:


Also, there are new interviews/media things:


Speaking of which, it says you should come to the launch party at the Morris Book Shop tomorrow at 5:30 and get signed books and eat cake and watch circus performances and have SO MUCH FUN. And you should. Look at that window:

If you want signed copies, the best way to get them is to call Morris Book Shop before tomorrow night or contact Joseph-Beth Booksellers Lexington store (where Christopher works, so he can get me to sign 'em and they'll ship for a small fee) (I love both our bookstores! our booksy riches runneth over).

Have a great weekend!

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Miscellany + Local Event

A few more Lois-y things:

Hmm, what else? I have an event this weekend at the Woodford County Library. These are always fun, not least because our PENS ARE ON FIRE (not really, that would be dangerous). The details:

  • Pens on Fire – Young Adult Authors: Come hear popular Young Adult authors talk about their work, writing tips, and paths to publication. Authors include Gwenda Bond, Sarah Combs, C.C. Marks, Katie McGarry, and Heather Sunseri. Free – Sign up today! 9/6/14, 2-4pm, Main Library.

And last but not least:

You can still enter to win the fancy Paperwhite with the custom Goawfinalcover featuring the gorgeous Girl on a Wire cover illustrated and designed by Neil Swaab: just sign up for the newsletter or comment on that post with something you love or hate about the circus. Contest ends Friday at noon.

If you snagged the book on special, read it and like it, please consider dropping a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads or spreading the word wherever you like best. And if you haven't snagged it, well, what are you waiting for? Lee Child totally edged me down in the rankings. *wink* I kid! Feel free to wait and buy a hard copy. Or ask your library to order it. Basically: please to buy or otherwise legally procure wherever you like, read, and let me or the world know what you think. Without you lovely readers, I don't get to do this. And I like doing this.

Now it's our tenth wedding anniversary, so there must be a little celebrating, and there's another book to finish. So *poof*.

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DragonCon Schedule + Media Round-Up + Lois Teaser

I'll be at DragonCon this weekend participating in the YA track — I'll happily sign books for anyone after the panels or my reading. I'll be reading from Girl on a Wire (out so soon!), but I also just might give a little sneak preview of Lois too. *whistles innocently* Come so I'm not reading to an empty room + my mom (who's tagging along to Atlanta for some R&R).

My schedule:

Title: Urban Fantasy in YA
Description: We love a little magic, monsters, super powers—but rooted in the real world. What makes a compelling urban fantasy, and what are your faves?
Time: Fri 02:30 pm Location: A707 – Marriott
Panelists: Delilah S. Dawson, Gwenda Bond, Cinda Williams Chima, Bonnie Kunzel, Mari Mancusi

Title: Reading: Gwenda Bond
Time: Sat 1:00 pm Location: University – Hyatt

Title: Beyond Genre: Behind the Boom of Realistic YA Fiction
Description: The Fault is Our Stars is just the tip of the iceberg—realistic YA fiction is booming, and there’s a lot to love beyond genre.
Time: Sun 11:30 am Location: A707 – Marriott
Panelists: Stephanie Perkins, Gwenda Bond, Debbie Viguié, Michelle Hodkin

And now the news…

I continue to be overwhelmed by everyone's enthusiasm and congratulations about Fallout — and it is that much more fun to now be sharing it with you. It brings a tear to my cold dark-hearted eyeballs (um, might need more sleep, or more coffee) to be proven right about how much love exists for Lois. To those of you who've gone out of your way to tell me you trust me with this, I'm so very grateful. And, of course, I hope you still feel that way once you've read the book. *insert winking emoji here* Yesterday's post with more details, in case you missed it.

So, what are people saying? A little media round-up:

I'm sure I missed a couple. It's refreshing that there hasn't been much smack-talking about YA.

Now also feels like a good time to remind everyone that you should sign up for my newsletter if you want to make sure you don't miss any news. I try to keep them to quarterly, and I'll be sending out an issue next week.

Without further ado, today's teaser. This one might be my favorite. Chills.

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The Secret Is Out… (!!!)

…thanks to some breaking reporting from DC Women Kicking Ass last night.  

I have two words for you:


Oh, wait, and another one: FALLOUT.

But there is still more fun news to come. And more of the great teasers Switch/Capstone have designed. Here's today's — voila!

I am completely overwhelmed — in the best possible way — by the reaction to the news. Because Lois deserves that reaction!

Lois is an icon, of course, a superhero without any superpowers . . . except her unmatched bravery and smarts. Not to mention her sense of humor and her commitment to truth and justice. She's also one of my all-time favorite characters — which is why I jumped at the chance to write a novel featuring a teen Lois, moving to Metropolis and becoming a reporter for the first time. As I said yesterday, it's been an incredible honor to do this project and work with the fantastic teams at Capstone/Switch Press and DC. And, most of all, to get to put Lois front and center in the starring role, obviously. (Plus fun to write lots of banter with her maybe-more-than-a-friend from Kansas, screen name SmallvilleGuy.)

Also from last night:

Now for a geeky photo

Me and a compendium of some of Lois's greatest moments + a T-shirt Christopher got me for x-mas + in the background a Daily Planet toy with lego Lois and a monkey finger puppet perched on top:

*dances a little*

Super-excited to have this secret out in the world so I can share it with all of you fellow Lois fans.

Now back to trying to finish a different book entirely and prepare for Dragon Con. Another teaser tomorrow!

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