Things That Are Free (Contest Winner + Books By The Banks + A Tip For NYCC Goers)

Three things:

Thing the First) Thanks to all of you who entered the YASH bonus contest and the winner is… ::drumroll::

Melissa R., who I've already contacted. Yay. Hope you enjoy the book and that some of the rest of y'all check it out too.

Thing the Second) I'll be at Books by the Banks this Saturday in Cincinnati. Admission is free, but there will be copies of Girl on a Wire (and lots of other books) on sale from the divine Joseph-Beth Booksellers and I'll happily scribble in one for you. Or just come by and say hi.

I'll also be doing “Speed Dating” as part of the festival's Teen Scene at 11 a.m. — the participating authors are: Gwenda Bond, Mindee Arnett, Kristen Simmons, Katherine Howe, Laura Bickle, Jennifer McGowan.

I'm sure you can find much more about all of this on the festival's website.

Thing the Third) I am not at NYCC, because see Thing the Second. But if you are, then here's a little tip. Come closer… Closer…

And now I will give the usual neurotic writer caveat that the most fun part of getting an ARC will be that you can read it and the final version, which I'm working on right now. But you know you still want it. (I hope! Because sneak peek! And much will remain the same. I refer you to the "neurotic writer" modifier. 😉 (Also: I believe the locale for this score is D1 in the Artist's Alley.)

Have a great weekend, everyone! And remember, if you need reading material: I have this new book out and so *bats eyelashes*. Whenever a copy is purchased, a puppy smiles. That's just science.

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