Ack! A Few Quick Things

Hello, my lovelies! I'm officially in that pre-launch state where life stuff and book stuff and future book stuff and et ceteras are combining into what can only be a state of madness. (Hopefully the divine variety.) There is not enough time in the day, but somehow, magically, the next week will be lived through and everything will get done.

A few little things:

Are you in the Lexington area? Then come out to the Girl on a Wire launch party — this isn't just going to be any old launch — the details, which were just confirmed and I did a little dance:

Oct. 4 at 5:30 p.m.: Girl on a Wire launch party–circus-themed, of course–at Morris Book Shop in Lexington, KY. "Join us as we celebrate Gwenda's success with Hors d'oeuvres, drinks and surprise appearances." Come early! Because the surprise is that the Tinderbox Circus Sideshow will be performing (!!!) before I kick off the official portion of the evening, and sticking around to perform later while I sign books. And there will be cake and festiveness!

That's right — fancy circus cake, sideshow performers, books for sale. It should be a memorable time, and fun for all . . . just like the circus itself.

And, by the way, my heartfelt thanks to those of you who've already read the book, and who've reached out to let me know and/or reviewed the book. Word-spreading is appreciated as always if you enjoy it, especially as we enter officially-out-time. Your support, no matter what form it comes in, is always noted. I'm particularly glad so many of you are digging this one. <3

Meanwhile! A few other exciting things:

  • The YA Scavenger Hunt is coming next week, timed conveniently with Girl on a Wire's launch. I'm on Team Blue and I'll be giving away another one of those schmancy Paperwhites here on the site and a signed hardcover too. There will be SIX teams. So you don't want to miss this one, YA fans.
  • I'm super-excited to be going to Winter Institute in Asheville in February. (Also, I just got a new phone, and YES, ordered a custom case with my Lois cover, because OF COURSE I DID. 😉

Speaking of giveaways:

And I think that's it for now. *falls over* More soooooon.

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