Okay, big deadlines vanquished, I'm back–no, really, to more regular posting here, I swear. Hopefully, a couple of times a week. So, if there's something you'd like me to post about, then feel free to say so and I will do my best.

And even though it's old news now, just wanted to say what a fabulous time the Southern Kentucky Book Fest in Bowling Green was. I will definitely go again.  Sarah Combs and I had a sleepover at the cute conference hotel, then breakfast with Alma Katsu, who it's always a pleasure to see. And it was a delight meeting and gabbing with my signing-table neighbors, Julie Kagawa and Elizabeth Fama (see inept selfie evidence below), as well as to meet Courtney Stevens, M.G. Buehrlen (fellow SC author!), C.J. Redwine, and as always to see the friendly faces of Kristin Tubb, Kelly Creagh, Bethany Griffin, and Katie McGarry. I'm sure that I'm forgetting someone, so mea culpa; I plead a fuzzy memory.

Festivals like this are a blast to do, but also exhausting–due to hours upon lovely hours of sitting and chatting with people and generally being on. So, of course, it was a great idea to drive six hours from Bowling Green to the Bat Cave in N.C. for the annual retreat. But it was okay, because Courtney and I could caravan at least (she's the best, by the way), and giggle like maniacs when we stopped for car-window convos about how we were lost, even if we were about to take a turn down Murder Lane. Obviously we avoided Murder Lane, by looking for landmarks besides mirrors in the dark, and were eventually greeted by our wonderful fellow retreaters with wine and lasagna.

This is the third year of Bat Cave retreating, and it's really one of the best weeks of the year. So productive, so fun, so great. This year hugs and shout-outs: Alan Gratz, Alexandra Duncan, Megan Miranda, Rebecca Petruck, Carrie Ryan, Megan Shepherd, Courtney Stevens, and Cate Tiernan. I list these names so that I can tell you: If you haven't already done so, check out their work, stat.

And there's the food, made by Wendi Gratz:

And the terrifying sights in the Mardi Gras room that greeted Carrie and I each morning:

And lots of silly games:

(artist credit: Megan Miranda)

Anyway! Then it was home to a week of deadline fu; revision of Secret Project got turned in Sunday, along with a feature piece. Now thinking happy thoughts about working on a new YA I have barely even talked to anyone about (*secrets*precious*) and revising the middle grade (yay). And posting more here.

And I got many packs of the vintage circus stamps in prep for any necessary mailing for the GIRL ON A WIRE release, about which I'd better start planning soonish, I suppose. Other news? Hmmm… Oh, updated events page, because I'll be going to DragonCon over Labor Day weekend. And I'll be at Wiscon next weekend over Memorial Day, actually, and will post my schedule there soon. There will definitely be a little reading from the circus book. This Saturday, I'll be doing not one but two local storytimes for Indies First day–at Morris Book Shop earlier and at Joseph-Beth Booksellers later on (with Sarah Combs). 

I also PROMISE SWEAR I'm going to do an inaugural newsletter this weekend, so if you haven't signed up for it and want it: do. Probably happen quarterly, unless there's Big News.

That's all the catch up I have to catch up for now.

ETA: Due to needing to stick close to home and help out with family things, we will not be at Wiscon this year. Next year for sure.

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