I know, I pretended there would be no posts here and then parade! of! posts! But I'd feel terrible if I didn't point to The Carol Emshwiller Project, coordinated by the wonderful Matt Cheney, who invited many people to celebrate the 90th birthday of one of SF's–and literature's, natch–true doyennes.

Watching Carol navigate Wiscon as a VIP, hearing her do amazing readings there, and being lucky enough to serve with her on the Fountain Award jury have all been great, but I'd be happy with just her books and stories. If you haven't read her, well, do. You're in for a treat. A writer as daring and fabulous now as she's ever been. (Which is to say: A great deal daring and fabulous.)

(Also: The fact Carol Emswhiller turns out to share a birthday with Beverly Cleary is too perfect.)

Anyway, head over and wish her a happy birthday yourselves.

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