Fallout (Re)Read Group!

I’ve set up a group for the Lois Lane: Fallout Read-Along over at Goodreads, where I’ll post a kick-off thread each week starting March 20. I plan to divulge some tidbits about writing the book, and will happily answer questions and I hope you guys will discuss. You can also ask questions or comment on twitter or tumblr — just make sure you use the tagĀ #FalloutReread — and if there’s call for it, we could do a weekly half-hour chat on twitter about that week’s chapters too. Basically, I’m game for whatever makes this group reading project the most fun for everyone!

Reading schedule:

Week of March 20 – Chapters 1-4
Week of March 27 – Chapters 5-9
Week of April 3 – Chapters 10-14
Week of April 10 – Chapters 15-19
Week of April 17 – Chapters 20-26

One week break then DOUBLE DOWN comes out. Yay!

Join the group here.

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