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So…I know some of you might be surprised by this, but having good news to share makes me feel so, so very self-conscious. This is the standard writer neuroses kicking in big-time, I'm sure, but, well, there it is. And yet it fills me with such joy to get a blurb for my little-book-that-could like this one, just in from New York Times bestselling author (and extremely amazing writer and person) Cynthia Leitich Smith:

"This haunting, romantic mystery intrigues, chills, and captivates."

How can I not be over-the-moon and share? (Long-time readers of this blog will know just how much I adore Cyn's work.) So. YAY.

I've also seen the very first rough cut for the Blackwood cover and I may have squealed. Actually, I may have squealed both at this blurb and the not-yet-finished cover.

I need to be getting more words on the new work-in-progress (and I shall; 700 today, which is not bad at the beginning), but I also know that it's important to stop and appreciate moments like this. Blurbs from writers whose work I LOVE, the very first cover comp of my first ever Actual Book… Sometimes I have to remind myself it's okay to stop and squeal! over these things, and that some of you might even want to squeal! with me.

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  1. Yes, G, want to squeal with you! You’ve worked long and hard, and deserve these moments! Enjoy them all, and I can’t wait for your book. Seems like it’s a-coming fast:) Huzzah!

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