Character Reference

And another blurb just came in for Blackwood that made me OH SO HAPPY, this time from the fabulous Micol Ostow, author of many extremely awesome books including family and So Punk Rock (the girl's got range!). She says:

"Miranda Blackwood's battle against her own history is utterly modern–and utterly marvelous. She's truly a heroine all readers can rally behind."

My Miranda winning friends and influencing people. *beams*

(Yes, it is the Season of the Blurbs. And I do hope that sharing them isn't getting too obnoxious. It's the opposite of obnoxious for me, more like a season of delight. And like all seasons this too shall pass. Promise!)

This week I am Doing All The Things and attempting to get into a writing rhythm on the new book, which seems to be finding a groove. It turns out this planning the plot in advance business may be a good idea. Who knew? The only thing of DOOM has been daylight savings time (yes, I know it's really saving not savings, but that always looks and sounds weird so not using it). Truly, you would think they had reversed the way time worked or something…

But they haven't, which means that this time next week will be ICFA. Florida, lovely people, pool, poolside bar. Perhaps an excursion to the The Hunger Games movie? (I know Genevieve's in.) I can hardly wait.

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