Tuesday Hangovers

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Hangovers”

  1. Shelley was a jerk? Coulda told ya. Interestingly, it was Keats even more than Shelley who was co-opted by the Victorians as an exemplar of “purity,” in part because he never married. (The posthumous publication of his letters to his girlfriend, which put the lie to “purity,” were genuinely upsetting to some of his fans.)
    Keats was also, as far as I know, a perfectly nice guy. Shelley is one of many major literary figures I wouldn’t care to have as a weekend guest in my home, but Keats would be welcome anytime.

  2. I have nothing but disdain and disgust who think that books are merely the embryonic state of movies. The ‘Arthurian’ stuff was what gave THE DARK IS RISING its depth, and the stuff that the director or screenwriter calls ‘a slog’ is what we who read call…writing.

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