Friday Hangovers


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  1. Depends on what he means by “novel”. I keep coming across people who tell me no one reads novels anymore and when I bring up the huge sales of Rowling or Dan Brown or Stephen King or Nora Roberts they start to tell me that those books aren’t novels at which point I back away cause what’s the point?

  2. I just finished Nicholas Christopher’s “The Bestiary” and if it’s not a novel I don’t know what the hell else it could be. I love love loved it (should be reviewed in Bookslut next month). I’m also reading Emma Bull’s “Territory” right now – novel also, yes? and I’ve just started the new Aimee Leduc mystery by Cara Black (just came out in hardcover) – also a novel I believe.
    Or do genre novels not count? (Like King, Roberts, etc don’t count.)
    Hmmm do only novels that are read by very few people all of whom collectively whine that there are no good novels count?
    You know my head could spin off over this…..

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