Baby, It’s Wintry Weather

Some selected scenes from snowy Vermont. First up, a picture of College Hall, snow and jogger from yesterday:


The stern old man painting in the main lecture hall has been dragged up, first by the graduating students, then by the students throwing the Mardi Gras party:


And, finally, this is the view outside my window this morning:


9 thoughts on “Baby, It’s Wintry Weather”

  1. We don’t have as much snow, and even though an ice storm hit last night the roads weren’t bad this morning.
    Did have fun with iced-over windows, though. After sitting in the car for 10 minutes with the heater on full to defrost the accumulation before getting out to scrape, I tested the side windows to see how badly they were frozen since I didn’t see any evidence of thawing. Window came down without any problems–and left a sheet of ice behind. Very cool to see, easy to knock out. No camera on my cell phone, though, so no pics.

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