A Big Shout Out

to Ellen Klages (emcee extraordinaire) on winning the 2007 Scott O’Dell Prize for Historical Fiction for children and young adults for her debut novel The Green Glass Sea!

Unrelatedly but not wholly, I was buying an issue of F&SF from the early ’70s in one of Montpelier’s fine used bookshops yesterday because it featured James Tiptree, Jr., on the cover, and the owner says to me, "That was the last thing I expected you to buy." At which point, I schooled him.

4 thoughts on “A Big Shout Out”

  1. It was pretty funny actually. He says: “Oh, I don’t know that much about it. Who was he?”
    “He was a woman named Alice Sheldon…. ” And I told him about the biography. At which point, I could tell he was wondering if the magazine was worth more than 5 bucks, but couldn’t do anything about it. 🙂

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